Grades 1-5

Our classical liberal arts curriculum capitalizes on the natural stages of intellectual development to enhance academic performance and character growth. The classical curriculum is grounded in the traditional trivium of grammar, logic and rhetoric. It cultivates the arts of reading, writing, listening, speaking, inquiring, and thinking.

In grades 1-4, a child's intellect is like a sponge, ready to soak in and retain an amazing quantity of information. Hence, classical instruction seeks to cement the foundations of knowledge and truth. Memorization and learning by heart is naturally joyful at this stage. Knowledge and skill such as arithmetic, phonics, penmanship, spelling, reading comprehension, and factual retention are critical to this stage of development. With a strong foundation, students are ready to launch into deeper and more complex concepts and truths. 

5th grade begins the transition to more abstract thinking. The ability to find causal relationships and logical connections emerges. These elements are incorporated into the curriculum in preparation for junior high.

NWEA Testing

NWEA tests are administered to all students in grades 2-8 each fall and spring.  These are instruments measuring student growth, not achievement. By assessing students twice yearly, both teachers and parents are aware of current student performance benchmarks, and able to more immediately address needs for remediation and enrichment. It is a responsive and developmentally appropriate testing model that truly fits the individualized approach to education that is Mount Royal's hallmark.