Created for Life and Family

The attack on human life and the family goes all the way back to the beginning. When the “father of lies” led Adam and Eve to question our true Father’s warning, he was attacking the fundamental truth that we are created for life and family. Death was the result of that first sin and it remains true to this day.

Life requires faith. Faith is trust in our loving Father and His guidance despite whatever fears we face in the moment. The truth is there is no threat or danger or hopeless moment that cannot be faced with love. Love for the life we are given and the lives we are entrusted with is the answer that conquers death. It is because of this truth that we get out of bed everyday and work to bring the truth to our children. It is also we march together with the multitudes in our nation's capital year after year.

This witness to faith, life, truth, and family is the antidote to the biggest challenge death poses: life has no meaning. That is a lie that seems logical and necessary but it must be rejected for what it is. We are made for life and God Himself bled and died to convince us of this. Love conquers death and saves lives.

Please pray with us and for us that all may come to see this truth and stand for the sanctity and majesty of life without end and love without limits.

- Mr. Matt McMenaman, Theology Teacher and Liturgical Life Director